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September 25thFRANCE

DOMAINE DES ETANGS,  Massignac, South West France

Domaine des Etangs offers a truly unique experience in the heart of one of the most beautiful areas of rural France. Set over 1,000 hectares of protected nature-filled countryside comprising forest, grassland and lakes, Domaine des Etangs is a converted private home that has been recently transformed into a unique hotel.  At the heart of the property lies a fully renovated 11th century château, interior designed by Isabelle Stanislas. Numerous pieces of contemporary art fill the property from Matisse to Picasso.  The chateau is surrounded by landscaped gardens and lakes, filled with art installations and sculptures including those by Richard Long and Irina Rasquinet. There are six farmhouse cottages, a longère, a vegetable garden, Gallo-Roman baths, two swimming pools, a floating tennis court and a Michelin star gourmet restaurant plus fumoir. There is also an art gallery featuring works by Herman de Vries, Sheila Hicks Michael, Yves Klein Yayoi, Giuseppe Penone and Hiroshi Sugimoto Lee. The expert spa, Moulin des Etangs is located in a converted nut mill which is still in use today.  The Domaine is located in Massignac in the area of Charente, close to Cognac and the porcelain capital of Limoges.  The area is famous as a lake region with rich flora and fauna and nature is at the very core of Domaine des Etangs.



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