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The only hotel in Cambodia to be recognised as internationally sustainable


Knai Bang Chatt is a chic, modernist boutique hotel revealing Kep Sur Mer – a relatively undiscovered beach destination on Cambodia’s South Coast, once the 1960’s escape for the elite. The property comprises five villas, three of which were originally of the New Khmer Architecture inspired by Le Courbusier and have been sensitively converted to offer 18 rooms and suites, each individually designed and minimalist, following the Wabi Sabi Japanese tradition of finding beauty in natural imperfections. Knai Bang Chatt showcases the ‘real Cambodia’ of today through authentic cultural, coastal and rural destination experiences in Kep National Park and the surrounding region. The hotel is the only one in Cambodia to be recognised as internationally sustainable and has recently been certified Platinum to the Green Growth 2050 Standard. Green Growth 2050 is a GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism council) recognised standard which is fast becoming the leading standard for Travel and Tourism and covers more than 430 sustainability indicators. Knai Bang Chatt’s result cements the resorts’ commitment across all elements of sustainability and is clear evidence they are pioneers and leaders of sustainable practices for all industries within Cambodia. Sustainable practices at the hotel include significantly reducing the consumption of plastic packaging by sterilising and bottling drinking water in reusable glass bottles, using bio-degradable plastic bags for waste management, and eliminating the use of plastic straws by providing bio-degradable straw alternatives. The hotel also has its own biodiverse organic gardens that provide the property with over 25% of their fresh fruit and vegetables, with this number set to rise to 60%. Achieving a carefully crafted synergy in the sustainability program has allowed Knai Bang Chatt to form a closed loop energy circuit in the resort and mutli-functionality within and between various elements of their operations. Knai Bang Chatt also takes responsibility for waste management and food production with 63% of their waste being organic materials that are composted onsite. By choosing not to outsource, the resort knows that these things are conducted ethically and that the lingering impacts are positive. What’s more, the resort has a Sustainability Manager on site to ensure that this benchmark of excellence is constantly upheld, and educational sustainability tours are offered to all guests. www.knaibangchatt.com

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